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Fortnite Android Debut Could Be on Galaxy Note 9 but Can It Beat PUBG Mobile?

With battle royale sensation Fortnite seeing an Android release this summer, it’s only natural for speculation to set in on what to expect from Epic Games’ debut on the world’s largest gaming platform. From a possible tie-up with Samsung for the soon to launch Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to rumours of it skipping the Google Play Store completely, this episode of Transition, the Gadgets 360’s gaming and pop culture podcast, we round up every piece of information surrounding the Android release of the world’s biggest game.

Be it exploring what Android phones Fortnite would run on to the Unreal engine enhancements and optimisations that may aid in this, to Epic releasing the game as an APK to be side loaded, every single detail you need to know about an impending Fortnite Android release is laid bare. 

Samsung’s relevance and its suggested repositioning of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is also talked about considering the Note series have been sold on the premise of productivity. Pivoting it to be perceived as a gaming phone could make it one of the few gaming smartphones that sees widespread release in countries like India considering the Razer Phone nor the Black Shark made it here. But would it be enough to take on PUBG Mobile, a game that’s seen a resurgence in markets where Android is dominant? 

In addition to this, we discuss the differences in monetisation between Android and iOS and why Fortnite skipping the Google Play store may not impact how much money Epic ends up making on the platform.

You can subscribe to Transition via Apple Podcasts or RSS, download this episode,or just listen to it by hitting the play button below. The music for this episode comes via Magnus Souleye Pålsson’s album PPPPPP, which is the soundtrack for the game, VVVVVV.

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