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Sony’s First Drone Is a $9,000 Professional-Grade Beast

Image: Sony Earlier this year, Sony teased the development of its first-ever drone, and today that drone is finally getting an official debut. Say hello to the $9,000 Airpeak S1. Yes, that’s right: $9,000. With a starting price just shy of $10,000, the Airpeak S1 is aimed squarely at professional filmmakers, ...

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Lydsto R1 self-emptying robot vacuum has great suction

Disappointed by your robot vacuum’s now-weak suction power? The trouble lies with the dust bin that you have to clean by hand. Luckily, the Lydsto R1 self-emptying robot vacuum solves that problem. Its unique dust-collecting duct empties right into the charging station. It reduces your chores and ensures your robot ...

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