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Apple uses TikTok ‘Jump’ campaign to promote AirPods Pro

Apple is again taking to TikTok with a new campaign enlisting influencers to promote the company’s AirPods Pro.

Earlier in the week, Apple debuted a new AirPods Pro ad spot highlighting the versatility of the Bluetooth headphones. Alongside that ad, Apple is now running a campaign on popular video sharing site TikTok using the “#AirPodsJUMP” hashtag.

The official Apple TikTok account has now shared six videos as part of that campaign. Each clip implements a TikTok influencer using a jump rope and AirPods Pro. It also asked other TikTok users to post their own clips of the challenge.

“AirPods Pro turn the world into a playground. Now it’s time to join in the fun. Just grab your rope, move to the music, and transform your rope into something playful,” Apple says of the campaign.

Apple first debuted its TikTok account in April 2020. For most the year, it remained dormant, but the company launched a campaign similar to the current AirPods Pro project in November to promote the iPhone 12 mini.

The company’s TikTok account has grown since then and now has more than 602,000 followers and 715,000 likes.

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