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Apple ban on P.O. box delivery snarls orders in Boxted, Essex

A technical glitch in Apple’s online storefront won’t allow residents of Boxted, Essex to get new iPhones and other hardware.

More specifically, residents of Boxted, Essex are finding themselves unable to order iPhones and other devices from Apple’s website because the ordering system thinks their addresses are P.O. boxes.

The online storefront is telling customers that deliveries cannot be completed, frustrating some residents, The Daily Mail has reported. Apple doesn’t deliver orders to P.O. boxes.

One resident, 43-year-old Celine Driscoll, said she was able to complete her order by having the iPhone delivered to a local store instead of her home.

“I spent more than an hour going around in circles on the Apple website. It was so annoying and such a massive waste of time,” Driscoll said.

Another resident said he actually decided against buying an Apple product after being unable to order from Apple’s website.

“I was pulling my hair out as I could not get the process to complete even though the finance for the phone had been arranged on the same website,” said the resident. “I ended up going to Tesco and buying a Samsung instead — I was that annoyed.”

Boxted is a village near Colchester in Essex, England. As of writing, the population of the village was 1,400.

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